Excalibur #2 Review

by Ryan.L on November 20, 2019

Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Marcus To
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Excalibur is on a mission to not only save Brian Braddock, but to find out what’s happened to Rogue. The team heads to the Braddock Lighthouse to set up a Krakoan gate.

This book I found myself questioning its purpose in the ‘Dawn of X’ line up. It is an interesting mix of mysticism and mutants, but it clearly struggles to find its voice. This issue follows Betsy and has less of the pull between Apocalypse and Betsy for the focus of the issue like we saw in the last book. But again there is so much thrown at the reader that if you haven’t read anything of Otherworld before, you’ll be completely lost. The action is fun, the interaction between the characters is very entertaining, but there are a lot of unexplained moments that with no reference the reader is really left questioning what is going on.


I usually try to do spoiler free reviews but I just need to talk about something that I really didn’t enjoy or understand in this issue. So they turned Rogue into a lighthouse!?? I’ve seen in interviews that Jonathan Hickman isn’t a fan of Rogue. That he doesn’t understand a character with her drawbacks could be so beautiful and nice. So I was wondering how she would fit into ‘Dawn of X’ and now Tini Howard with Hickman overseeing has turned Rogue into a lighthouse. I don’t quite get why, and from the future covers this is going to be a thing for a while. As a huge Rogue fan this is almost as upsetting as when Rick Remender undid all the character development Rogue went to and put her back to the beginning. I really hope this is not her future in the x-books, but from what she has been through as a character I worry it just might be.

Overall this book fumbles in its second instalment to the series. Yes it is fun and has some great action sequences, but it just lacks substance and suffers from some questionable creative choices. Hopefully this book can find its footing again. It has a unique and fresh idea that has a lot of potential.

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