New Mutants #1 Review

by Ryan.L on November 06, 2019

Writer: Ed Brisson, Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Rod Reis
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The New Mutants are back, well with some Gen-X members in addition to them and I couldn’t be more excited.

So this book was an interesting read. It was great to get to read one of the best teams in X-Men history again. This book was definitely heavy in setup, but it really gives us a look into the world of Krakoa outside of the main X-Men. The mix of classic New Mutant members and Gen-X members is so amazing. I loved seeing Mondo and Cypher interact together. One of my all-time favourite characters has been Chamber and getting to see him in action again really made me happy.

‘New Mutants’  was one of the most anticipated books from the ‘Dawn of X’ line up, but I felt it didn’t fully live up to expectations. Yes it is quirky and weird, which is classic ‘New Mutants’ I just found the book a little too heavy in setup. I was expecting more action and the team getting themselves into trouble, which they are very know for doing. While we do get a bit of that one of the reasons X-Men has always been popular is that it is a soap opera. This issue of ‘New Mutants’ does focus more on the characters and their relationships than just throwing them into the action. I love Cypher and now that he is a very important part of Krakoa it was fun to see him explore his abilities and his fellow ‘New Mutants’ powers. One of the best parts of this book was Magik. She has become over the years a very popular character and wow does she just shine in this book. I found myself laughing so hard at every scene she was in.

The art in this book is also exceptional and is definitely one of the best parts. Rod Reis’s art is like a mix of Phil Noto’s and Bill Sienkiewicz but with his own personal flair tossed in. Sienkiewicz is a classic ‘New Mutants’ artist so seeing Reis’s art especially pay homage to Sienkiewicz was amazing and hit all the right nostalgia moments.

Overall ‘New Mutants’ is quirky and fun and a good start to what will hopefully be a crazy adventure. For those that love classic ‘New Mutants’ you definitely need to pick this one up.

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