Powers of X #5 Review

by Ryan.L on September 25, 2019

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: R.B. Silva
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Is Xavier actually evil!?? Some of us have been wondering this as more and more of Jonathan Hickman’s x-universe is revealed. Last issue we got to see the Five, what the creepy egg mutants are all about and the start of the mutant nation. Some found there to be a somewhat cultish feel to this mutant nation, and many of us question Xavier’s sincerity.

This issue we get so many more answers and the mutant world is finally coming fully into the light. There are also many moments where I pause and again question Xavier and his motives. I really feel that even though we are finding out how he setup this mutant nation, the technology, and his overall plan, but I get the sense he’s hiding something. This might be the twist at the end of the ‘House of X’ ‘Powers of X’ series. Xavier turning out to be the villain would be really interesting.

I have to say this was probably one of the best ‘Powers of X’ issues I’ve read yet. While I find the future very interesting, I still have trouble connecting it to what is happening in the current timeline. We now have for the most part figured out that what is happening in ‘House of X’ is the main timeline; unless Hickman throws us a curveball last minute, but how will the futures ultimately impact the rest of the timelines? We also haven’t seen Moira in a while, so I definitely feel no matter how much we try to “figure” things out, we will never be right.

This issue though gave us so much, about how the mutants have achieved what they have, and the creation of the nation of Krakoa. It was really great to see Xavier and Magneto truly working together and how they have crafted this nation. I can see there being some very interesting stories just from the council and its members. One in particular has me very excited. Seeing this character and their interaction with Xavier made me such a happy x-geek. It really showed that Hickman knows these characters and writes them as so. It was a relief to see this character continue to be written characteristically to their personality and over the last few issue be consistent with that. We’ve seen great writers come to the x-books before and write characters like Magik completely out of character but none of that is happening here.

R. B. Silva’s art and Marte Gracia’s colors in this issue particularly are outstanding. There is so much detail and subtleties in the characters expressions that completely adds to the story. There are so many panels where it was Xavier’s expressions that got me questioning him and his motives. I love this as it adds more levels to the storytelling, and you know every expression was intentional.

Overall this issue is a great foundational issue that not only shows us how the past was forged, but also where the future is headed. Even with all the answers given in this issue, it manages to ask that many and more. Something is afoot  and no matter how much you think you may have figured it out, I trust Hickman has some tricks left for us.

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