Powers of X #4 Review

by Ryan.L on September 11, 2019

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: R.B. Silva
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Things have been getting pretty intense, especially after last week’s House of X. This week though it seems things take on a different tone, while we find out some more answers to what is going on.

 I loved this issue a lot. The tone changed and for me that was alright. Jonathan Hickman has now brought us some comedy, and I live for it. This issue was so quirky and hilarious. I’m not going to spoil anything, but this take on a certain character has been awesome. We’ve seen a little of it before but Hickman really runs with it in this issue. The comedic value really takes the character to another level and I totally welcome it.

 Another standout is Cypher. I have always felt he was a heavily underused character, and it is night to see Hickman really use him to his strengths. He really understands the strengths of Cyphers abilities, and it really excites me to more.

 That’s also something with this series Hickman has been excelling at. His choice of characters and how he is using them really impresses me. There is a graph in this issue and a mutant listed on it, that when you read the graph makes perfect sense, but when you think about the character it’s something new we haven’t seen before from that character.  It really gets me excited for the Dawn of X books starting in October. There are some very interesting team line ups, and now seeing how he is using these characters, I’m so stoked for those books.

 This book is beyond beautiful, and R.B. Silva’s attention to detail is uncanny. There are moments where you can totally pick up what the character is feeling from the expression on their face. Silva is so good; you don’t even need to read the dialogue to know what’s going on. Every page is just as stunning as the last.

 Overall ‘Powers of X’ now starts to bring the laughs to an intense story that welcomes the change. There are so many subtle revelations in this book, which you might need to read it twice to catch them all. Just read it, seriously don’t miss out.

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