Powers of X #2 Review

by Ryan.L on August 14, 2019

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: R.B. Silva
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It looks like we have an official retcon. More than just to Moira, the X-Men’s entire universe has now changed. With Moira being a mutant, being able to relive her lives gives them the chance to seemingly undue choices made that just didn’t work, or was not received by fans well. This is issue two in ‘Powers of X’ but it is technically the fourth issue in this story, since both books ‘House of X’ and ‘Powers of X’ are interconnected.

While last issue of this series wasn’t as explosive as the first two of ‘House of X’ this issue changes everything. It’s odd, normally a book that has so much jammed into it, but nothing truly happens would have normally have disappointed me. This series Hickman inundates us with so much information about this world he is crafting, it doesn’t matter that we haven’t gotten a lot of story yet.  Also, because I’m so into this new Moira and the retcon of the X-Universe that I am judging this issue a little different than what I normally would. It’s so rich with information that it detracts from how slow the actual story is moving.

This issue we do get to see more of the plan, while also what’s happening in the future. We are seeing how these time periods are interconnected and how the choices Moira made affects everything. We get to see the younger versions of Charles and Magneto, come together. It gets me excited to see how these two, who had radically different ideals, are able to come together for a common goal. There is a moment in this issue when Moira and Charles go see Magneto.  This is where a lot of answers about the timeline, how in the first issue of ‘House of X’ there was several mutants that were previously dead, and how did they come back to life. I found myself finally putting a lot of the pieces together, and excited because it’s such a great idea. It also asks and interesting question, how will Charles and Magneto conduct themselves with the information of what they had done and experienced in Moira’s other lives. We saw in the last issue of ‘House of X’ Charles read Moira’s mind, revealing everything to him.

I also enjoy seeing characters we have known for years, but this version of them is different. We all wondered what Apocalypse’s role would be in this story. Even though we have seen some of him, I find myself still wondering if he will become a villain or because of the universe change, will he be more of an anti-hero now? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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