Powers of X #1 Review

by Ryan.L on July 31, 2019

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: R.B. Silva
Publisher: Marvel Comics

We move from 'House of X' to 'Powers of X' almost seamlessly. 'Powers of X' gives us a glimpse into the future while also being a complete continuation of the present. These two books are as promised, one large story separated into two books. 

While reading Powers of X I found myself so engrossed in the rich world Jonathan Hickman has created. It seems as there is nothing about this world he hasn't thought of, almost as if Hickman is our Xavier creating a new world for us, the readers.

The thing I found with Powers of X is that it asked a lot more questions than it answered. It was great to see the different time periods, and the transition between them was executed extremely well, it just got me wondering so much about the past. This is a new start for the X-Men, but is it a new start as in a reboot? I found myself wondering this and a lot of similar questions like it. There are many characters showing up in 'House of X' and 'Powers of X' that were previously dead. There are some scenes and conversations that leads one to the conclusion that nothing that came before happened. Until you read one sentence from this book that was written at the end of 'House of X' in Krakoan, "It's not a dream, if it's real."  So is this in actuality a dream? Is part of it a dream? Or is this the new reality, and if so how?

All of the accomplishments of this book wouldn't have been this successful without R.B. Silva's art and Marte Gracia's colors. It is so bright and dense, you just get lost in the world they have created. The transitions between time periods is executed with even more success due to the astounding artwork. Each period has a unique look and tone to it that ads more and more layers to the story.

Hickman even though he is throwing so much at us and is not really giving any real answers, manages to keep you captivated. This world is so lush and heavy that you can't help but be pulled right in. The futures are unique, but also feel like they are familiar as well. That no matter what the X-Men do it is their destiny to end up in the same place or somewhere similar it seems. That being said, this is a powerhouse series you should be reading.

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