Age of X-Man: Omega Review

by Ryan.L on July 17, 2019

Writer: Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler
Artist: Simone Buonfantino
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well, it all comes down to this. Age of X-Man has come to a close with this finale, and in my opinion; a disappointing one at that. Many of the mutants have been regaining their memories and several of those mutants want revenge for what X-Man did to them. While others want to protect him because X-Man gave them what they have always wanted; acceptance. But, who's right and who's wrong, and where do they go from here? I don't know and I don't even think the writers do either.

Disappointing is putting it nicely when I think about this ending to Age of X-Man but, also fitting as it's what I feel when I think about the event as a whole. Age of X-Man started off with such promise. We had a unique story while also paying homage to previous events like 'Age of Apocalypse' and 'House of M.' But, quickly we found that there was no really substance or direction for the event. So many of the mini-series felt empty. I tried to stay positive and hope things would pick up. Issue three nothing happened, issue four still nothing is happening and I got worried. There was only one issue left in each mini-series: how were they going to tie things up and also lead into the final issue of the event X-Man Omega? The final issue of each mini-series drops and so did the last of my faith in the event. One out of the six mini-series actually had a worthwhile payoff while also leading you into Omega. This was such an unfortunate let down.

When I picked up Omega, I decided to put my feelings about the event aside. I wanted to go in and just read it without any preconceived judgments. Omega reads like a philosophical debate. Where one was and where they could be, how to get there any how to recognize where you've been. On the surface it feels like it could be a really put together issue, until you pull off the layers and look further. This last issue to an event we have been following for months finishes off with nothing more than a debate and then it's over, while also seemingly ending where it also began. One of the main arguments, it seems, is this entire event revolves around X-Man trying to show them a better world is possible, that they themselves could be better and deserve to be. But, in the end they wanted to be free. They didn't like when he made choices for everyone, but they are more than content to make decisions for everyone themselves.

There are many variables that come into play with this debate over the 33 pages. But, in the end there is no real battle, no struggle and then things are quickly over. My initial feeling after I read the last page was "what was the point of this event?" I really started to feel like my time was wasted and for what? To fill the space until Jonathan Hickman could bring us his run? I expect better from the comics I spend my hard earned money on.

Now you're probably thinking, "wow this guy just really hates this event and issue!" and that is not event true. There are a lot of things I loved in the event and final issue. It's just that the mediocre quality of the event overshadows any positives. 

Overall would I recommend Age of X-Man? Parts of it I would. Read the synopsis of each mini-series and pick the one that peaks your interest. Reading them all I find get so messy and with conflicting styles of each book it becomes unnecessary to read everything. Several of the books don't even intertwine with the others. That being said with how Omega ended, giving no real weight to the x-universe one could skip it altogether and not miss anything.

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