Age of X-Man: Next Gen #5 Review

by Ryan.L on June 19, 2019

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Lucas Werneck
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well Next Gen has come to an end, and while it was able to boast being one of the best mini-series in Age of X-Man it finishes as one of the most disappointing endings I have read in years.

I don't know what happened, but this book just really ticked me off by the end of it. Traditional stories generally have a beginning setup, then there is a rising action, climax, falling action and finally a resolution. Where was the resolution!? I know it is harder with a series like this as the final resolution to Age of X-Man will be in Omega, but each mini-series should still have a form of resolution with possibly a few open ended threads for the event resolution. This book just took us right back to the beginning setup. While I feel this would have not been as much of a problem if the creative team gave us more. There was so much build up, just building and building, getting us excited to see what happens and then boom... back to the beginning and then over. What was the actual point besides seemingly wasting the readers time?

There really isn't anything beyond the art that I can say is positive about this final issue. The art was on point as it has been consistently throughout the mini-series. But there is just so much disappointment here that it overshadows any positives about the book.

Overall this is a very underwhelming close to what was the highlight of Age of X-Man. The final issue was rushed and the mini-series could have done with another issue. Also it feels like the over arcing story plan of Age of X-Man stunted the growth of the mini-series inside the event. This is unfortunate but it is what it is. 

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