Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #5 Review

by Ryan.L on June 12, 2019

Writer: Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler
Artist: Marco Failla
Publisher: Marvel Comics
This is it. The end of the Marvelous X-Men. At least until Age of X-Man Omega hits to close out the full event. Things all start to unravel and honestly, I was asking myself while reading this final issue, "do I really care?" And to put it right out there, I didn't. 
Some of what happens in the finale of this mini-series was pretty obvious. We didn't really get any resolutions but, we finally know what and who just not how. I do feel like maybe this book was miss paced. So much was jammed into this last issue that could have started to come out a bit earlier. We have been wanting answers for so long and now that we started to get them, it just feels it's a little too late. Most of us have checked out of the event already.
But, my gripes aside there are some things that I really enjoyed and wish we had seen more of in this series. Nature Girl seems at face value to have a pretty boring power set and for that I think she was more of just a filler member to the team. But, this issue we see her use her powers in a way that I never thought was possible. It was so cool and fun to see. All I could think is why hasn't she used them in this manner the entire time? She was a character to whom I had never given a second thought, and this issue made me so impressed with her, making Nature Girl out to be one of the best in the book.
Another thing that stood out was we finally got to see Jean be Jean. She is another character who has been so under-utilized and just there for aesthetics. Now we get to see her use her abilities properly. Though this also comes with some concerns. Like why hasn't she been using her powers like this all along? Even when she was challenging X-Man, she just ended up folding to him. But, now she confirms everything and leads the charge? 
I think all this speaks to the quality of the book, mini-series, and event as a whole. There was a great idea here but, the follow through was just not executed properly. The creative team got lost in the middle and then scrambled at the end to tie it all up for the upcoming Age of X-Man Omega. If you have been following the mini-series, definitely pick this one up. It's still a good read and you might be happy to have some of these burning questions finally answered.

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