Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #4 Review

by Ryan.L on June 05, 2019

Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: German Peralta
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Thing are getting good and the prisoners are not gonna take it anymore. As Age of X-Man starts to come to a close everything seems to start to come to light. In this issue we get a few more answers but really not enough to truly answer what is actually going on.

So I did enjoy this book and Prisoner X has been one of the better series in Age of X-Man. While my overall feels of the event are not positive, looking at Prisoner X on it's own it has been great. It was great to see Bishop ask some of the questions we have been wondering this entire time. While we don't get really any concrete answers, we do get a feeling of some semblance of satisfaction knowing that Bishop is aware that things are not right. He has a plan, but will it go his way, we just have to wait until the final issue to find out. I really loved that we got to find out more of Legion's roll and a hint of more to what he is doing. I've always been a fan or Polaris and getting more of her here was awesome and I'm excited to see her in the final issue.

It's sad to think that really the only thing dragging this series down is the fact that it is apart of a lack luster event. The creative team has done a great job with the characters and limited scope they were given.

Overall this book continues to be one of the stronger books in Age of X-Man and is definitely one you shouldn't miss. It brings the drama, action and some good old fashioned detective work, well sort of. As much as you could do from the inside of a prison cell.

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