Age of X-Man: Next Gen #4 Review

by Ryan.L on May 18, 2019

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Marcus To
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This continues to be the best series in Age of X-Man, but even the best have some stumbles. This issue all the students secrets seem to be coming out and things don't look good for Glob, Armor, and Anole. 

While this issue had some exciting moments it did start to feel a little more slapstick than I think was intended. Which in the end made the exciting moments have less of an impact. The one thing that I don't understand is that Anole is up to the same things after being mind-wiped twice yet all this is new to the faculty and to the X-Tremists.

Also as much as Apocalypse and his X-Tracts are almost cultists, Maggot and his fellow followers of Apocalypse feel right out of the Handmaids Tale. It really had this really creepy yet corny cult feeling to it and at first I wasn't a fan but now I'm really starting to enjoy it.

Overall this book is the only one to really have anything happen and have an impact on the over arcing story. Ramifications from the end of this issue should be felt in each of the mini-series. While the rest of the mini-series feel like they are going to have no answers to any of our questions about Age of X-Man I think Next Gen will have several, or at least I hope. 

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