Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #3 Review

by Ryan.L on May 01, 2019

Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: German Peralta
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I was starting to wonder with this event if something was ever going to happen. We only have a couple issues left in each mini-series and still not much has happened to effect the world. That all changes or at least starts to change with this book.

I really have been enjoying Prisoner X and this issue while not the best in the mini-series it was nice to finally see something really start to happen. Some of the mutants are starting to go a little crazy but are they crazy or is someone responsible? I also really enjoyed how the commentary that goes through the entire issue aren't identified until the end. Showing us the issue was one long conversation between two characters and showing us that who we thought Prisoner X was, might not have been right. Someone else shows up and oh man this could get crazy.

This event had almost lost me but now, my interest is peaked. What I thought was going on might not actually be happening. I have so many questions now and that's what excites me. This book got me engaged again and I'm really excited for the next issue.

Overall this book was pretty solid. It pulled me back in and now I'm hoping the other series have some exciting moments like this issue had. Age of X-Man has had it's ups and downs but this mini-series in particular has managed to stay pretty consistent all throught. 

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