Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #2 Review

by Ryan.L on March 27, 2019

Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: Georges Jeanty
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This book is in my opinion very deceiving. I started to read this issue and like the last it was pretty disappointing and I was ready to give it a low score. This series is set up to show us the "Secret Police" of the world but it's been anything but. All the characters seem more like children than elite soldiers that investigate problems in the world. Psylocke especially who has always been very efficient at what she does, seems like she is so very lost and unsure of herself. I guess I was expecting more of an X-Force style book and we have gotten anything but.

That being said, as I got further into this book I started to enjoy it more and more. While it may not be the secret police book I was hoping for, it brings a lot of humanity to the Age of X-Man. We really get to see a different side to these characters that we haven't ever seen before. The Blob and Psylocke especially are presented in a new way and I am actually really enjoying it.

This book still is not perfect and I don't think they have a clear vision of what the mini-series was supposed to entail. Some of the characterizations in this book are pretty sloppy. I understand we are in a new world and so some characters would be a bit different. Other writers in the other books have managed to keep the core of what those characters are but give us a bit of a twist on them. Unfortunately that is not the case in this book and some of the characters just feel completely different to who they are supposed to be.

Again this book has it's pros and it's cons, being neither fully one or the other. The art for this books is some of the best in the event. It is so bright and colorful and his splash pages and panels look incredible with detail and styling. Though again like the rest of the book it's not perfect and in some of the smaller panels there is a real lack of detail.

Overall this book is is a lot better than the last. There is a lot more characterization and drama in this book which helps to pull the reader in. It's not perfect but still an enjoyable read. Psylocke and the Blob really shine above all the others in this book. I think this one could finally get interesting and so for that I recommend checking it out.

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