Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #2 Review

by Ryan.L on March 21, 2019

Writer: Seanan McGuire
Artist: Juan Frigeri
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well issue number two is here and I'm still wondering why this book is a thing. The great thing about the X-Men is they have always been a mix of superhero and soap opera. This book continues to focus 100% on the soap opera part of and it's still not working.

This issue we get to see Nightcrawler deal with his decisions from the last issue, as well as the day to day of being a movie star and studio executive. While they try to bring in some drama with some of the supporting characters, it all seems to fall flat because again there is nothing really that happens. No ramifications have come for Nightcrawler and even with five psychics in the room he is able to keep his indiscretion a secret. We all know that would never happen and at least one of them would suspect he might be trying to hide something. But no not even a second thought to it is had by any of the psychics so it just comes off as sloppy writing here.

My problem with this book is that why is it even needed? All the books in this series either good or bad seem to have shown a purpose to this event except for this one. Yes in this issue we get to see some more mutants who are rebelling against the forced rules and beliefs of this world, but it is nothing new and some of the other books are doing the same thing and even doing it that much better. It just comes across as redundancy but from the view point of a famous mutant, and honestly it's not really important to the overall arcing story line so why include it at all?

This also seems so out of place for Nightcrawler to be doing anyways. One of the most charming aspects of Nightcrawler has always been how honorable of a mutant he is. That his faith and beliefs are very important to him, and even if he is injected with these forced new beliefs he would uphold them to the highest regard. If in fact he was to sin like he has in this series, I would have expected him to be more at war with himself than what we are seeing here.

Another thing that bothered me with this issue is that some of the characters while working at the movie studio wear street clothes and not their superhero uniforms unless its during filming. Well we get to see a rival studio and some of the employees are in street clothes but two are in their classic well know superhero uniforms. It's almost like the artist, I should say first that the art is the best part of the book, though with that said it looks like they couldn't figure out how to make these two characters recognizable in street clothes so they just drew them in their uniforms. It really came across as odd and again with such a lack luster story added to my dislike for the book.

Overall I was hoping this book would get better because it did show promise but unfortunately it was a huge let down. While it's not a terrible read it just has nothing exciting about it and the struggles Nightcrawler is going through just comes across as apathetic. A few of the other books in the event even though they are not good are important to the overall arcing story so they are a must read, this one though shows no sign of having any impact on the main story so you could skip it altogether if you wanted. Sorry Nightcrawler fans but this book is just so boring.

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