Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #1 Review

by Ryan.L on March 06, 2019

Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: German Peralta
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Its about time! My faith in this event is now being restored. This book was so good and matches the quality of the first couple issues in the event. 

This book we get to see what happens to those that breach the guiding principles. Also it looks like some are wise to the veil that X-Man has pulled over everyone's eyes. This world is not perfect and now there are some cracks starting to show.

I enjoyed this book so much and it was great to see some characters that I have been wondering where they were. Though that being said there were some continuity problems. We have some characters show up that are also in Uncanny X-Men right now. This could be explained in future issues or it could come down to the creative teams not being on the same page with who is using which characters in their stories. Overall though it doesn't affect how awesome this book is.

The art in this book is also probably one of my favorites of the series. It has a great edgy style to it and I loved how German Peralta styled Beast. Can we please have this as our Beast going forward?? Most of the characters were styled so well you could tell exactly who was who just by the art.

I also really loved that there was a cameo of a character long thought gone, and now really has my interest peaked to where this is going and how it will affect the event as a whole. Some may need to google who it is, but for those who are long time X-fans, you will be really excited.  

Overall this book was a great read and got me excited for the event again. I highly recommend picking this book up especially if you are a long time x-fan.

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