Age of X-Man: X-Tremists Review

by Ryan.L on February 27, 2019

Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: Georges Jeanty
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well now my faith in this series is wavering. This book was one that I really had high hopes for, and while it wasn't a bad book, it did leave me feeling like something about it just wasn't right. I found that this book was almost too silly and not in a good way. It was childish with low rent jokes. I think I was hoping for something dark and possibly with some spy/espionage elements to it. This book was overly bright, fun and I just was not expecting that. This is basically the elite task force that enforces the laws of this world but they felt like just children playing cops and robbers.

While this book was anything than what I expected it to be it still had some good elements to it. I did like that we got to see into the task force that arrests those that breach the guiding principles. This world seems like it is seriously messed up and what exactly are the guiding principles? We at least know that love is outlawed and physical intimacy is no longer a thing. But how far does this go? This world just gets more and more creepy and we go further into it.

While this book had lots of action in it, I am hoping that it starts to get a little more serious and really dives into the world and what it's all about. Giving us hopefully some behind the scenes peaks at the inner workings, but I fear it will just be more mindless jokes and Iceman acting a fool.

Overall this is one I think at this point you could miss. There may be something important in future issues but in my opinion Age of X-Man is losing its luster. We have two great and two not so great series in the event so far. This one I think is an unfortunate pass.

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