Age of X-Man: Next Gen #1 Review

by Ryan.L on February 12, 2019

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Marcus To
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Age of X-Man is underway and now we get to see the world from the students perspective while they attend the Summers Institute For Higher Learning. We get to see how the students are separated into departments. There aren't normal classes here, just the department you are assigned. But in this Pleasantville/Stepford Wives world even life at the Institute is anything but normal.

I have to say after reading this issue I'm so impressed with Age of X-Man so far. Like the first issue of Marvelous X-Men, Next Gen has a tone that's a throw back to older x-men comics. It very much had elements of New Mutants and Generation X to it. The story was really fun and also had those elements of creepiness to it like in Marvelous X-Men. We do though get a little bit more of an explanation as to how this world is the way that it is in this issue.

While this issue answers a few questions we have been wondering since Alpha, it does manage to ask many more before the last page. The creative team is doing a great job at weaving this world and keeping us on the edge of our seats wanting to find out exactly what is going on. We even get some cameos from the Marvelous X-Men and X-Tremists which helps to tie the books together.

The only problem I see with Age of X-Man is that if you are going to follow it, Next Gen shows us that you are going to have to collect all six series in the event. There is going to be a lot of cross over that if you were planning to just collect one or two of the series, you might be left with some holes in the story. But with Marvelous X-Men and Next Gen being such great books one could expect the rest to be of similar or better quality.

Next Gen was one of the series in this event that I was the most excited for and it sure didn't disappoint. If you are like me and really enjoy the young x-men stories then this is definitely one you should pick up and read.

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