Age of X-Man Alpha #1

by Ryan.L on January 30, 2019

Writer: Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Publisher: Marvel Comics

So it's finally here, the Age of X-Man. Previously in Uncanny X-Men the team was battling X-Man as he tries to make the world a better place. This ended up with everything going white and the X-Men thought to be dead. Turns our X-Man has taken them to a reality where everyone is a mutant and there is nothing but peace, or so that's what he want's us to think. 

So first impressions this feels a lot like Age of Apocalypse mashed together with House of M. Though instead of a war torn world it's like everyone is living in the world of the stepford wives. There is this creepy feeling to the world because it feels almost too perfect. We don't get a lot of answers in this issue, it's more of a setup for the rest of the six series that will start launching next week. But there are some things that happen though that really got me interested in what truly is going on in this world.

While this wasn't an explosive first issue to the event, it was more of a subtle setup for the over arcing narrative, it still got me intrigued into what is the Age of X-Man and what is he hiding from us. I also did really enjoy that pays homage to Age of Apocalypse and House of M without feeling like too much of a been there, done that kind of story.

Overall if you are a big X-Men fan you will enjoy this issue. As I said it's not an explosive issue but it does deliver a lot of intrigue and gets you ready for the full event setting up the six 5 issue mini-series that will be the event. I recommend checking this out especially if you have been following Uncanny X-Men.

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