Uncanny X-Men Annual #01 Review

by Ryan.L on January 24, 2019

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Carlos Gomez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Finally we get to find out how Cyclops came back to life, and I will say in my opinion it's one of the best resurrection stories in recent years. Jean came back and while it was a fun story, it did feel a little lacking and giving to the level of a character that she is. Also Wolverine has returned, and while some may enjoy that story it seems like it's just one jumbled mess. Now Cyclops gets resurrected and at moments this book had me cheering.

Not only does this issue finally feel like an X-Men issue it pays homage to it's past in such a beautiful way. We get to see Cyclops back when he is in his early days with the X-Men. He's in that old yellow and blue uniform. This flashback is done so extremely well, that not only does the art by Carlos Gomez look like it's from the 60s with grainy panels, all the writing by Ed Brisson is worded in that classic state the obvious style. It really brought me back to the early days even though it was telling a part of Cyclops history we had never seen before.

Later in the present the story remains just as amazing and I felt the reasons Kid Cable brought Cyclops back mirrored the screams from X-fans since that infamous issue where the decision to kill Cyclops was made. It was like while reading those three panels I could hear a collective YES! from X-Fans everywhere.

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue a lot and it's about time. Some of the previous Uncanny issues felt a little mediocre and this one shows that we finally have the right person on the flagship book. Brisson just manages to encapsulate everything that makes a great X-book. Pick this one up, it's also a great jumping on point for new readers to Uncanny X-Men.  

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