Fantastic Four #1 Review

by Ryan.L on August 08, 2018

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Simone Bianchi, Sara Pichelli, Skottie Young
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It has been a long time since the Fantastic Four have had their own series. It's finally here and well it's not what you expected.

Anyone who has payed attention to pop-culture knows the real reason that the Fantastic Four disappeared from comics. There are reports that it came right down from the old editor in chief Axel Alonso that not only would they disappear from the comics, staff were not even able to display any FF posters or memorabilia. The FF weren't the only victim of Alonso's unrelenting vendetta against Fox that also the X-Men didn't disappear but were cut to only three books from their usual seven to ten books.

Well with a new editor in chief C.B. Cebulski  and new deals with Fox the first family is finally coming home. It has been teased for a while in the series Marvel's 2 in One that the FF will return. it was only a matter of time. Well that time is here and for a dramatic return most characters get when they have been gone for awhile, our first family ha not gotten such a treatment. 

Now this book was fun and really exudes nostalgia. Instead of one big triumphant first issue bringing the return of the Fantastic Four we get  a few short stories that follow the Human Torch and the Thing in some of their life without Reed, Sue and the kids. This made the book feel a lot more like a teaser or a #0 issue than a #1. Also it had a similar look, feel and formula that has been Marvel's 2 in One. 

We are teased at the end of this issue that in the next we get to find out what Reed, Sue and the kids have been up too. I honestly would have liked this issue to have either been apart of Marvel's 2 in One, or even a one-shot. I was just so hyped to have the FF back and while this was a very touching issue and had a lot of nostalgia, I couldn't help but feel a little let down. I wanted the reunion. I wanted the start of a big new adventure or the start of a big adventure home kind of like Star Trek Voyager. But we didn't get that, and what we got was a lot of setup with a little pay off at the end.

The art in the book is so well done. The first story is so vibrant and fun, which really suits the FF perfectly. The second story has more of an edgy tone as we get a story about Dr Doom. Both were very well done and fit what the story they were trying to tell. I'm really excited for future books if this is the level of art we are going to be getting. 

So it's hard to know how I truly feel about this series. It was a great read and I really think Dan Slott is going to be a great writer for this book. It's just not the first issue I wanted or expected. Are future issues gong to be two stories in one or will it become like traditional comics? We will just have to wait and see. All in all though if you are a fan of the Fantastic Four then there is definitely a lot to enjoy in this issue. Just know going in that it is more of a teaser than a true first issue.

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