New Mutants Dead Souls #3 Review

by Ryan.L on May 09, 2018

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Adam Gorham
Publisher: Marvel Comics

One thing Marvel has been getting right lately is their x-book mini-series. One of the best of the bunch is the New Mutants Dead Souls. This book has taken on a different tone as previous New Mutant series, but I for one love this new direction.

Illyana has brought a team together to investigate some of the more creepy things in the world. While things may not have gone as smooth as the New Mutants planned, they're gonna make it through no matter what.

This issue we see the team get a distress call and have to drop what they are doing and head off to help Prodigy. Things take a serious turn for the worse and some secrets are revealed. How our team deals with it, well we are going to just have to keep reading to find out.

This book I can't express how much I love it and wish that it was an on-going series. The choice of members of the team is perfect and every page I'm laughing so much my side hurts. Illyana is one of my favorite characters and it's nice to finally have a writer that truly knows how to write her. She's so absolutely weird and I love all the comments from her fellow teammates about just how weird she is.

We are halfway through the mini-series and it's still manages to hold my attention and keeps me excited for the next issue. This book has just the right amount of horror, suspense and humor that it's an absolute must read. 

If you are an X-Men fan, New Mutant fan, or just a comedic horror fan this book is definitely one you should check out. It's a solid engaging read that takes you on a fun ride with some lesser known mutants, but Matthew Rosenberg makes you feel like they are all A-list mutants.


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