Rogue & Gambit #3 REVIEW

by Ryan.L on March 07, 2018

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Pere Perez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Rogue and Gambit have been on a mutant relationship counseling retreat to investigate some disappearing mutants. Though while they've been there they have been also heading down memory lane. 

This issue we see that the therapy actually has been helping and they are realizing how much they really do care for each other, and are not bickering as much as before. But something doesn't seem right. They have gaps in their memories and some shared "dreams" or what they think are dreams. Things are about to go south for Rogue & Gambit.

This series has been amazing, and one of the best x-books we have gotten in a long time. While this book was still a lot of fun and kept up all that fun and excitement, I did notice that some of the elements I loved in the first few issues is missing from this one. I liked seeing more of Rogue and Gambit bickering than them playfully flirting with each other. It just came across a little flat and boring to me. Maybe by the end of this mini-series things will change, but overall this is still an awesome book.

The art in this issue continues to be excellent, with lots of bright colors which not only match the feel of the story but the location it's set in as well. Pere Perez is so detailed in his drawing that a lot of the emotions expressed by the characters are visually represented extremely well.

Rogue and Gambit is a top notch series and while I may have not enjoyed this issue as much as the previous ones, that doesn't mean this issue wasn't again another amazing addition to one of the best x-books out right now. Definitely go pick this one up.


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