Spider-Gwen #24

by Ryan.L on September 27, 2017

Writer: Jason Latour
Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Spider-Gwen has finally released the venom from Harry Osborne, but was Matt Murdoch playing her for a fool?

This issue we see Spider-Gwen, Logan and Kitty come face to face with the venom but things aren't going quite as planned. Matt Murdoch has some sneaky plans up his sleeve and things don't look good for Spider-Gwen. Enter Gwenom!

I have to say I absolutely loved this issue. I really like this universe and the different versions of characters we have known and loved for years. This version of Kitty Pryde is awesome and I'd love to see more of her. I really liked how well she worked with Spider-Gwen at battling the venom. Also this pure evil Matt Murdoch is so awesome. He is the perfect villain to go up against Spider-Gwen and in this issue he really shows just how dastardly evil he is. 

I will say one thing though that I wasn't as big a fan of is the styling for Gwenom. It's a little weird but I know it will grow on me. It's just great to see this fan theory come true in the comic. This is a whole new era and how will the venom influence Spider-Gwen? In the 616 Marvel Universe Peter Parker Spider-Man had to battle with removing the black symbiote as it amplified his anger. You can already see this happening to Spider-Gwen as she is now Gwenom. 

This was a great exciting issue and takes Spider-Gwen in a whole new direction. Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez continue to deliver one of the best titles from Marvel. This series is consistently outstanding and I can't wait to see Gwenom wreak havok on the streets of New York.


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