X-Men Gold #9

by Ryan.L on August 02, 2017

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Ken Lashley
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The great thing with X-Men comics is it has always mixed action, comedy with a good amount of melodrama. This issue is a perfect example of that. Long time teammates and friends Kurt and Rachael now have a budding romance. But should they act on this attraction? While one feels that it could cause friction on the team the other doesn't want to take things for granted and live life to the fullest. 

Also another couple are wrestling with the idea of dating, Kitty and Piotr. These two though have a history which involves Piotr dying and Kitty spreading his ashes in his homeland of Russia. So the hesitation of Kitty to rekindle their relationship is justly there.

While these two couples try and figure out if they should have a relationship or not the government moves forward with it's mutant deportation act. Kitty is called to Washington to try and stop the bill. 

I rally enjoyed this issue. Not a lot happened but seeing the Kitty let down her guard with Piotr and seeing her give into her desire to be with Piotr despite their past. There were also some surprises this issue that set up some interesting things to come in future issues. Even if this book became all about KItty and Piotr's relationship I would still buy it. They have such chemistry together that I'm so happy they are rekindling things. 

We only get a little bit of action in this issue but thats why I love the x-books. There doesn't have to be non stop action to make the book successful. The characters are so engaging that even a book about two budding romances is such a thrilling read that I'm completely sucked into the story.

I think Ken Lashley's art if my favorite for this book so far. The panels are laid out in such a dynamic way, and there is so much detail in each page. Each character looks on point to how they should and I found Lashley's art has a sort of edge to it that is a throw back to Jim Lee.

X-Men Gold continues to impress with every issue. This is such a fun book and I find myself falling in love with Kitty Pryde more and more. This book has never wavered and for nine issues delivered consistent quality that the x-books have been known for.


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