X-Men Gold #5

by Ryan.L on June 07, 2017

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: R.B. Silva
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Gambit was hired to steal a vial of nanites. Turns out the person who hired his is none other than Olivia Trask, a relative to Bolivar Trask creator of the mutant hunting Sentinels. 

This issue we see the results of the nanites getting loose and fusing themselves with sentinel technology. There is a new breed of sentinel on the lose, a mutated sentinel if you will and it is on an all out hunt for mutants, but not just the obvious ones.

This series continues to be incredible. It's so much fun and really pulls you into the action, excitement and the dynamics between the characters is awesome. I love the guest appearance by Gambit as well. In previous series there has been problems with characterization and ultimately that affected the series greatly. Marc Guggenheim has shown us he really truly understands these characters and delivers a story that does each and every one of them justice. 

Lydia Nance really has it out for our mutants and I am so excited to see where things lead. Bringing in the global terrorist angle is diabolical and gives a real fresh new take on the hate for mutants. This isn't just a newer version of Senator Robert Kelly, she is an all new threat and could even be a greater threat than Kelly ever was.

We are onto issue five and this series is showing that no controversy
 is going to stop it from delivering the X-Men stories we want and deserve. This is an outstanding series and is a must read for every x-fan out there. 

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