Iceman #1

by Ryan.L on June 07, 2017

Writer: Sina Grace
Artist: Alessandro Vitti
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Iceman is one of the originals. He has been an X-Man since the debut way back in 1963. Now man many years later he finally lands his own ongoing solo series.

This series we follow Iceman as he deals with some hard truths that were revealed when the time-displaced younger version of himself was brought to the present. 

There are mixed reactions to Icemans coming out. Some are not a fan of this long time popular character after having several on again off again romances with some incredible female characters to now come out as gay. I though am not one of those people, and I applaud Marvel for making the choice to out Iceman. I've know many people over the years that have come out at a late stage in their lives. Iceman is from a time period where being gay was not accepted. He grew up being what he thought people wanted him to be. But now it's time to be who he is, and there is no better time than the present.

I really enjoyed to this issue and seeing Bobby dealing with his family, training his younger self to be a better and stronger X-Man. What I really liked was seeing his jealousy of how more open and accepting of his homosexuality his younger self is. Young Iceman has a boyfriend and seems to be a lot more well adjusted than older Iceman. Things are also a little strained with his family from his being a hero and not always there for them. Also they don't know he is gay and will he tell them? Thats always the hardest part, coming out to your family. 

As much as this is the first ongoing Iceman solo series this is also the first series from a major publisher that follows a character through the coming out process. I give major props to Marvel for giving the gay community, especially younger gay comic books fans a book that mirrors some of the struggles they are going through. 

We have had gay characters before, but to now have a major character and get to follow them through the process of finding themselves and coming out is a huge leap in equality in comics. Wile this book wasn't perfect, it still was a great start to what I hope will be a long run for the Iceman. 


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