Generation X #2

by Ryan.L on May 31, 2017

Writer: Christina Strain
Artist: Amilcar Pinna
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The school is getting back up and running and the students are finding their way. With the School now in Central Park there are a lot of visitors to the grounds as well as new mutants.

This issue we see Quentin cleaning up the mess he caused in the last issue. Also the battle with the Purifiers that infiltrated the grounds continue.

This book didn't grab me in the first issue at all. It really felt like it was all setup and this issue wasn't much different. I feel like they could have combined the two issues cut some of the less important scenes and we would have had a more engaging first issue. 

If you have to give a series till issue three or later to find it's groove there is a very good chance the series is a dud and will be canceled shortly after. Which is a shame because having a book devoted to the young mutants has always been a huge success in the X-Men franchise. This series though feels like it is lacking something. The previous Generation X series was amazing, but the cast of young mutants chosen here I think may have been the wrong decision for this book. I love Quentin but there has been no growth to his character even after all these years. He's still up to the same shenanigans he has always been up too and honestly I'm pretty much over it. Maybe this will be the series where we will finally see some growth but at this point I don't know if the book will be able to hold my attention long enough to find out. 

Why should we care about these young mutants? Many of these mutants are new or used very little in previous series so we have no history to help get us to really care. If this series had Anole, Surge, Hellion or any of those young mutants that we have had some outstanding series of in the past then yes I think things would be very different. This cast though while it has potential I think the delivery of it is lacking so far.

Overall I do like the concept for this book I just feel that there are x-books in the past that have done it better. Maybe now that the team is together and the learning is about to begin we will get some stories to really pull us in. But for now I'm still wondering why I should invest in this series.


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