Jean Grey #2

by Ryan.L on May 24, 2017

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Victor Ibanez
Publisher: Marvel Comics 

Jean Grey had a premonition that the Phoenix Force is coming for her. She's still young and untrained, will also stop at nothing to not follow in her predecessors footsteps.

This issue we see Jean seek the help of other previous Phoenix hosts. Rachael, Piotr, Illyana and Quinten all offer up some advice.

I was really surprised  by the first issue of this series. Now reading this issue it proves that Dennis Hopeless is on to something here with this series. The book is so much fun and engaging. I really enjoyed this issue seeing Jean seek out help. Quinten was awesome and I'd like to see him pop up in this series more. He is such a trouble maker but even though his methods can be somewhat questionable,  he is still right about a lot of things.

The Phoenix has always been a main plot point for Jean as a character. At first I was wishing that we wouldn't get a Phoenix story with her solo series but after reading the first issue and this one I am so onoard. I loved how no one really belives Jean. Her reactions was so on point as well, as young Jean has a tendancy to be a little more volatile with her emotions. Since she has no mentors seeing her actively seek out advice from others really shows her growth and determination.

I also think this series has some of the best art in any of the ResurreXion titles. Victor Ibanez has delivered some stunning pages with some incredible detail. The action sequences are laid out in such a way that it really adds to the level of excitement. 

There really in't anything bad I can say about the series or this issue. This is by far one of the best X-Men solo titles we have had in years. Pick this book up, you won't regret it. This is such a great series and we are really getting to see young Jean come into her own. 


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