The Lone Ranger & Green Hornet #1 (2016)

by RobertJCross on July 09, 2016

Written by: Michael Uslan
Art by: Giovanni Timpano

Hello True Believers! I'm back from an extended vacation to give you a review of Dynamite's newest comic that tackles two of the most iconic characters in pop culture, The Lone Ranger and Green Hornet. Now, I won't lie and say that I'm a huge fanboy of either of these fact, I barely know anything about either of them. But lucky for me all the pieces are laid out for The Lone Ranger's backstory within this first issue. Green Hornet isn't really touched on too much, but I'm assuming he will be in the next issues as they flesh out the character development. All in all though, the issue seemed to speed by because of the narrative/action balance. It was enjoyable.

Uslan does a good job of setting up all the characters and the overall feel of the times which switches from the late-1800s to the 1930s. The dialogue never felt stale or forced and it fit really well with the speakers. I also liked the way the action was written because it was fast paced when it had to be and then it would change to slow and steady...which worked oddly enough. Near the ending of comic however there were a few political jabs that I didn't think fit within the overall narrative, I'm not going to go into explicit detail...but it had to do with current events which was weird. Overall, great writing.

Now, the art. Timpano is very good at capturing scenes an enveloping both the reader and the characters into whatever time period they are residing. I especially liked the desert scenes that he drew because you can almost taste the sand from how vibrant the whole landscape is, hell you can even hear the William Tell Overture as Silver rides through the arid canyons. Amazing work throughout the issue.

Pretty sweet comic! If you like The Lone Ranger, pick this up! NOW!!!!

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