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King: Flash Gordon #1

by RobertJCross on January 29, 2015

Written by: Ben Acker & Ben Blacker
Art by: Lee Ferguson

Who doesn't love Flash Gordon? Or at least the songs from the movie?! FLASH...AAAAaaaa....SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE! Well, he's here and he's modernized for your reading and viewing pleasure. I actually dug this issue quite a bit and a lot of it surprised where I didn't think it was going to surprise me at all. Of course, Ming is still the archenemy, but Earth is no longer the setpiece for this badboy. Instead we're flying through space in search of Ming supporters. It's an interesting story...BUT, my only real gripe was that it kinda felt like Guardians of the Galaxy in a Flash Gordon universe. I mean, that's not necessary a BAD thing, but I don't know if it's supposed to correlate or not.

Regardless, Acker & Blacker write some really fluid dialogue that translates easily to the setting and the situation. The reason I brought up the modernization earlier is because that's exactly what the dialogue suggests. The bickering between the love interest and Flash is pretty witty and a lot of lines in this could be quoted as classic lines. My favorite was when Flash and his love interest meet the sister of the Citizen Prime. It was just very lovely banter and Acker & Blacker handled it great.

The art by Ferguson is phenomenal. I thought before I read it that the cover was going to be a huge indicator for the type of art that was going to be in the comic, I was wrong. It's also a very modern take on Flash and everyone else. This art is on par with the Big Two. The areas and characters though were reminding me of the GotG movie the whole time, which is why I have to compare it to Marvel in some way. The design of the planet they land on was pretty cool though. I liked the way that everything was drawn! YAY! FLASH GORDON IS BACK!

Pick it up if you're a fan!

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