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Ex-Con #4

by RobertJCross on December 10, 2014

Written by: Duane Swierzynski
Art by: Keith Burns

Love....LoVE....LOVE!! There's really nothing else I can say about this masterpiece. This comic is going to be my "took me by surprise" probably forever. I didn't even understand how good it was gonna be just based on the first issue and now that there are only a few issues left, I'm super bummed about it almost being over. That said, this issue picks up with a dead body in the trunk of a car. Our 1989-living folks end up driving to Mexico, on the way though...they stop in La Jolla...which is right down the street from me...added to the immersion much like the multiple Hollywood hotspots in the previous issues. Anyway, Cody and See meet a guy name Lee Terrible....I think you can guess where this meeting leads Cody, but the great thing is that he's getting his powers back HARD. Again though, it's almost over and I'm heartbroken.

Swierzynski is a master of his craft. A GOD of comic writing, if you will. If he's not nominated for an Eisner with guys like Morrison and Brubaker, I'll email the committee myself. This entire thrillride that the reader has been taken on is so rich in every possible way that it's hard to believe that this wasn't made into a TV show or movie before it became a comic. I'm going to wait until this run is over and I'm going to re-read it all and take notes for my own dialogue because that's how good it is. It's a master class in writing, all should attend.

Burns doesn't disappoint either.  I've been watching Frank Miller based films lately like 300 and Sin City, so my mind wanders to Burns' work on this comic often. His control of his surroundings match Swierzynski's writing so well that anything they release together after Ex-Con is guaranteed to be on my shelf. You'd be hard pressed to find anything better for the subject matter and the setting. I feel like if I had been gifted with a knack at drawing comics, I'd be imitating Burns in this comic. Too good, almost not fair to everybody else.

Look at the the issue.

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