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Alice Cooper #2

by RobertJCross on October 16, 2014

Written by: Joe Harris
Art by: Eman Casallos

So, the first issue was pretty good, right? Yeah! This issue? Also pretty good, but not GREAT! I'm starting to see where this comic wants to go, but I'm afraid that it'll get stale. Essentially, they're trying to reinvent the lightbulb, but with an Alice Cooper hue. The 70s comic scene where bands like KISS catapulted into the hearts and minds of young people everywhere. Now, that was my initial impression....until the last page, which threw me for a loop. That said, the last page was pretty much the only great thing about this issue. 

Harris is a good writer and I feel like maybe he was phoning some of it in. Some of the dialogue was SUPER cheesy, but I guess it worked for what it was. He introduced a villain that speaks in rhymes and he had a few good lines, but also a few bad lines as well. I read all of what Cooper said in his voice, so the writing there is solid. It's not that this is a horrible comic, I just wish there was more to it than what it is.

Casallos is drawing gold over here. Most of the illustrations are stellar and he captures the essence of rockstar life. Some of his Alice Cooper drawings look a lot younger than reality, but who could blame him? The only problem was that I was confused as to what the timeline of the comic was at points. He didn't have a lot to work with in this issue though and for what he did draw, it was magnificent. Great artwork.

I'm not completely smitten with this comic yet. If you're a Cooper fan, pick it up. If not, don't.

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