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Alice Cooper #1

by RobertJCross on September 03, 2014

Written by: Joe Harris
Art by: Eman Casallos

So, here's the deal: Alice Cooper has always been a huge figure in my life. My mother raised my brothers and I on classic rock. I've been an Alice Cooper fan for about as long as I've known what my ABCs were, so I HAD to read this comic. I went in with low expectations because I didn't want to be disappointed if something in the comic was iffy and I still sorta had some issues with this comic, but for the most part everything else was rather pleasant. The story revolves around the record industry and Alice Cooper being binded by a contract with a "Lucifer"-type character. It all comes to a head by the end and you're left with a cliffhanger...

I'd never read anything by Joe Harris before this and I can kind of see why. His writing is OK at best, not as strong as I'd expect it to be. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of cool things in the story, but the dialogue was a tad on the cheesy side. One minute, I was completely captivated by the storyline and the next someone would say something that sounded like something out of an 80s romantic comedy...and I'd go from completely captivated to completely tuned off and confused. Again...story = GOOD, words = SORTA ALRIGHT MAYBE KINDA...

The art by Casallos is a saving grace in many ways and the main reason I dug this comic. While he did make Alice Cooper look 40 years younger than he is, his drawings of both Alice and of his snake (small spoilers) were aesthetically pretty cool. Other features, like crowds and the sky were also of above average quality. This guy is a legitimately good artist and I respect his talent.

Pretty solid debut, but let's see where it goes...

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