Transformers Galaxies #1 Review

by Olivier Roth on September 27, 2019

Written by: Tyler Bleszinski

Art by: Livio Ramondelli

Letters by: Tom B. Long

Published by: IDW


Galaxies has been billed as a companion series to the main title that will revolve around stories of some of the secondary characters in this new Transformers universe. First up: the Constructicons! 


This issue keeps things light as it explores the beginnings of the group called the Constructicons as they are brought under the wing of Wheeljack during the rebuilding of Cybertron after the great war. It’s an interesting start as we get to see these bots in their element: planning and acting on what they believe is the right way to go about this and how, by doing this, they discover the one thing that will change their lives forever: the Enigma of Combination. 


This is all presented in flashback by Bleszinski and it works really well within the context of the issue. We get a glimpse of the Constructicons at the beginning pre-merging, as well as seeing the fall-out of becoming a combiner. This, plus the fact that the combination is presented almost as an experiment by Wheeljack and another bot named Termagax in hopes of getting a result that would help speed up the clean-up effort adds a complexity to the constructicons that, in my memory, was never there. 


Bleszinski also makes sure that each Constructicons personality shines through in their dialogue which helps when trying to differentiate Long Haul from Scrapper. 


Ramondelli’s artwork throughout the issue is a sight to see as their lines are clean, and perspective choices almost always on point. The best part though is the shading/coloring as it emits an ambiance that isn’t always there in comics. It almost gives off a feeling of being alive when looking at it, especially when viewing the bots’ eyes. Very well done!


This was a very strong debut issue that has made me want to know more about these Constructions which, after its billing, makes it a success in my eyes.

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