Ducktales Silence and Science #1 Review

by Olivier Roth on August 30, 2019

Writer: Steve Behling

Artists: Luca Usai, Circo Cangialosi and Gianfranco Florio

Colorist: Lucio De Giuseppe and Kawaii

Letterer: Tom B. Long

Published by: IDW


What do you get when you have Donald trying to sleep, an overactive family, and treasure with magical properties? It’s hijinx. Of course it’s hijinx!


Silence and Science is very much in the same vein as classic Donald Duck stories in the past, and has the same sensibilities as the current TV show. The story revolves around Donald’s desire, if not outright need to take a nap. Unfortunately for Donald, he’s trying to do so in a house/mansion full of people trying to do their best, without malice, to prevent him from sleeping. And in classic Ducktales fashion, Donald remembers about a treasure that he, Uncle Scrooge and Della found that could offer him peace and quiet. 


Behling structures this tale almost perfectly and very much on formula: the opening premise is clear from the start, Donald wants to sleep, the inciting factor is explained, the treasure that will permit him to sleep, and then the hijinx and resolution are well thought out and are perfectly in tune with Ducktales as a whole. 


Kudos have to go to the art team (they split the issue pretty much down the middle), as they have to do some leg work to capture the script in this issue. Without spoiling the story itself, let’s just say that the “Silence” in Silence and Science does come into play quite a bit and requires the artists to convey a lot of expressions throughout. 


This was another fun tale from a franchise that continues to churn out fun tales to fans of the series and new readers alike.

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