Looney Tunes #246 Review

by Olivier Roth on November 30, 2018

Writer: Misc.

Artist: Misc.

Colors: Misc.

Letterers: Misc.

Published by: DC Comics


This Looney Tunes comic is always good for a nice little chuckle because you know exactly what you are going to get, and get it you usually do. This month we get a story about Elmer working the stock markets, Sylvester trying to get an interview with the president and Witch Hazel just trying to enjoy her vacation.


The story with Elmer Fudd is quite simple: he’s struck it rich playing the stock markets and a certain wrastically wrabbit decides that as he lives on the same land as Elmer Fudd, he is owned a percentage of this new windfall. The writer/artist on this story is Scott Gross and he does a wonderful job of capturing that Looney Tunes feeling - quick set-up, absurd twist, and off to the races, with zero time to actually catch a breath as Bugs torments Elmer Fudd endlessly panel to panel.


The second short is by Mark McKain and Howard Simpson as we follow along Sylvester the cat as he teaches his son about the importance of trying to get the scoop as an ace reporter. It’s always nice to have a story that doesn’t revolve around Tweety Bird with Sylvester, but the hijinx is still at maximum levels. Sylvester knows that landing an interview with the president would make his career and show his son how awesome he is, but nothing is exactly as it seems. The twist at the end is actually quite funny.


The third, and probably weakest of the shorts this month sees Witch Hazel be hounded by a pair of mice during her vacation. Her biggest issue really is that she would like to deal with them by turning them into mice…. But they're already mice. This would be a perfect example of a one-joke short as the mice repeatedly try and do vacation-type activities only to end up messing up Hazel’s time. It’s funny the first time, not as much by the fifth.

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