Future Quest Presents #10 Review

by Olivier Roth on May 16, 2018

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Inker: Matt Ryan

Colorists: Hi-Fi

Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

Published by: DC Comics


“It really isn’t going well for the Herculoids” was my thought after reading this latest issue of Future Quest Presents. After last issues surprise twist, Animan (our antagonist) has proven himself as quite the opponent for our heroes. How so you may ask? Well, it seems that Animan has the power to age the life cycle of a planet and its inhabitants, to quite disastrous consequences.


And throughout this, Dorno, the now grown-up kid of the Herculoids, has to try and figure out a way to not only save his remaining friends, but also try and convince Animan to reverse everything that he has done. How does Animan want him to do that? By proving himself “... worthy of defining your own future.”


This is where the plotting by Williams really shines through in this issue. Dorno, for all intents and purposes and despite how he looks now, is still a child. And children are still growing and are bound to make mistakes. And that is basically the premise here: Dorno, in a huff, accidentally wished this new world into existence, with a lot of help from Animan. The worst kind of genie if you ask me!


From there, we get to follow Dorno’s journey as he tries to make things right, all while having Animan over his shoulder spouting lines like the one about defining his future. And from this whole ordeal, Dorno has to grow up. This all leads to a pretty surprising final page that I can honestly say, I didn’t see coming at all! That’s great storytelling.


Aaron Lopresti on art is, quite simply, one of the best and the Herculoids look amazing under his guidance. I can’t say enough about how gorgeous this whole issue looks. It doesn’t hurt that Ryan on inks brings just the right touch and Hi-Fi’s colours continue to shine.

Our Score:


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