Justice League No Justice #2 Review

by Olivier Roth on May 16, 2018

Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson

Artist: Francis Manapul and Marcus To

Colors: Hi-Fi

Letters: AndWorld Design

Published by: DC Comics


The first issue of this weekly series (for this month prior to the big launch in June), was used as a set-up for the new universal threats that are coming and how Brainiac, with the help of a who’s who of DC heroes and villains were set up to combat it.


However, one major event during the execution has thrown a massive cog into this seemingly already longshot of a plan. Since this is a weekly series, I will refrain from any spoilers, but let’s just say, Amanda Waller can make mistakes, and this mistake she makes, it’s pretty disastrous.


The beginning of the issue starts off with Waller trying to right this mistake, now knowing that she didn’t have all the facts while executing her previous plan. Her confrontation with Green Arrow also allows some exposition to be had and inform the readers why this situation is more dire than at first glance: the only hero left on Earth it seems is Green Arrow - all others are now in stasis. They never really explain why Green Arrow is spared, but that is a minor blip in the storytelling.


Back to our newly formed Brainiac teams, Mystery, Entropy, Wisdom and Wonder - I will take a second to just say, what an awesome idea for team names - as they land on the planet Colu (Brainiac’s home world) to try and stop the Space God of Wisdom from activating a tree that may unbalance the whole world and more than likely lead to the destruction of Colu.


After some hesitation among our heroes, they all go their separate ways to try and restore the balance of their team namesakes to foil the Space God’s plan. How they go about this is fun to watch and pretty crazy. Snyder, Williamson and Tynion are really leaning into the craziness of it all and it is so much fun.


This all leads to a final page that I honestly did not see coming and will please a lot of long-term fans of the space side of DC Comics. I know it did for me.


I would also like to make special mention of probably one of my favourite characters in this mini up to date: Starro. I don’t know where the idea came from to give Starro this type of personality, but it provides a nice amount of levity to the series without being too overbearing.


The art continues to impress. This week Marcus To lends Manapul a hand (probably to make this extremely tight deadline), but it doesn’t come off noticeable at all. Since they work in the same studio, there was probably a lot of back and forth between the two to make sure the art stayed consistent throughout.

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