Barbarella #6 Review

by Olivier Roth on May 15, 2018

Writer: Mike Carey

Artist: Kenan Yarar

Colorist: Mohan

Letterer: Crank!

Published by: Dynamite


After a pretty harrowing end to last issue, Carey resets a little in this new issue with Barbarella, her pet, and her companion Vossamin seemingly stuck on an unknown world full of long dead plant life and gigantic insects. So, definitely not where they were before jumping through that hole in the R.U.S.T. dome. It appears that they are now in a pocket of time created by the dome they jumped though and are now, for the lack of a better word, stuck in this new place.


Meanwhile, back on the planet that Barbarella just left, Pulver, our old-timey prospector and his two sons are now hatching a plan to try and catch up to Barbarella and Vossamin to exact some form of revenge for being slighted. Carey’s characterization of these three characters is well done. You get a sense, from the little we’ve seen from them, that they aren’t very cultured, seen by Pulver’s treatment of Barbarella, and they are very quick to want to get their recompense - thus why, even after being thwarted by Barbarella, they want to get their pound of flesh.


The remainder of the issue sees Barbarella and Vossamin continuing their exploration of this new time-pocket, only to discover this new location isn’t as friendly as they might have thought, and thus, they have to continue “time-hopping” through this pocket dimension.


The story continues to fun, Sci-Fi goofiness, and Carey has a pretty interesting antagonist this time around making this issue a good read. I could continue to rave about Yarar’s art, but I don’t really need to. I’ll reaffirm though that he is so well suited to this title that it’s crazy.

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