The Mighty Crusaders #4 Review

by Olivier Roth on March 21, 2018

Story by: Ian Flynn

Pencils: Kelsey Shannon

Colors: Matt Herms

Lettering by: Jack Morelli

Published by: Archie Comics


In the final issue of this new run of the The Mighty Crusaders, we find our heroes battling for their lives against the Eliminators while back at their base, the power has gone out leaving one of their detainees, captured in the first issue, loose.


As far as wrap up issues go, Flynn does a great job of making sure that the basic threads of the series do get wrapped up - namely the fight with the Eliminators, the long-standing mistrust within the team (especially with The Shield as leader) - but also keeps some mysteries in the final moments for any future issues that may be published.


The fight with the Eliminators itself is nothing too complicated, but does show off that the team is better as a team and more than its individual parts. In the last issue, you saw some decisions being made that were not beneficial to the team itself whereas in this issue, you saw them start to come together. It proves some growth for the characters as they are given limited time to do so in a four issue series.


All in all, The Mighty Crusaders was a pretty fun, nostalgia filled, read and it is something I would recommend to any fans of these characters (new and old). It’s a fun afternoon read that does harken back to days of old where superhero comics could be simple superhero comics, something we don’t see as much these days.

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