Future Quest Presents #8 Review

by Olivier Roth on March 21, 2018

Writer: Jeff Parker

Artist: Steve Lieber

Colorist: Ryan Hill

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Published by: DC Comics


Sometimes, you just want to sit down with a comic, read it, and just have fun. That is the definition of this issue for me. With the return of Jeff Parker this month, the series turns its attention to Mightor, the teenage protector of the Earth (not sure if that’s the real moniker, but that’s what I like to call him).


After having inherited the powers of Mightor, now 13-year old Ty still needs to learn how to live the normal life while he isn’t off saving the world. So that’s where we first find him in this issue: having to confront his extended family who are oblivious to his alter-ego at his 13th birthday party while a world away, a looming alien threat is about to descend upon the Earth.


What I really enjoyed about this scene with Ty’s family is the characterization of Ty himself. He acts exactly like any other kid who is secretly a superhero would act if he couldn’t tell anyone about it. He gets annoyed at all the questions about his extracurriculars and how he isn’t doing this or that, all while, in his head, he responds with what he wants to say about his exploits as Mightor. It’s not much, but it adds to the character.


When he does finally get called in to confront the alien arriving on Earth - at first in peace, until the alien turns hostile - Ty really gets to shine as Mightor as he uses some of the lessons he received at his birthday party to take down the new alien threat.


Lieber’s art is also excellent throughout the issue with great compliments from Hill on colours. Everything clean, well-staged and pops off the page. It’s the perfect addition to a fun, one-shot story.

Our Score:


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