Gotham City Garage #11 Review

by Olivier Roth on March 14, 2018

Story by: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing

Art by: Darrick Robertson & Brian Ching

Colors by: Trish Mulvihill & Kelly Fitzpatrick

Published by: DC Comics


Coming into the penultimate issue of Gotham City Garage, I was interested to see where Kelly and Lanzing would take the series before the grand finale. For the past several issues, they’ve been putting pieces into place for the grand finale, and they continue to do so with this issue.


In the first part, drawn by Robertson, Kelly and Lanzing touch upon one of the final pieces of their puzzle: Catwoman - who we haven’t seen in a few issues. The writers concentrate on her story and where she’s been (Luthor’s paradise city) as well as to why she is not joining up with the resistance at this time. However, Catwoman stays true to her nature and continues to try and uncover Lex Luthor’s secrets, and the one she does uncover, well, it’s pretty major and turns this series on its head a little.


The second part of the issue, drawn by original artist Brian Ching, sees the writers concentrate on the upcoming battle and they frame it well by utilizing Lois Lane and her interviewer chops to get a sense as to where each character is at this point in the story.


Through this framing device, we get a reaffirmation of most of the characters reasons for fighting, but also get some last minute character development as well. It’s a good use of this chapter by Kelly and Lanzing as the final issue will deal with the big battle, and more than likely, the fallout.

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