Bombshells United #13 Review

by Olivier Roth on March 07, 2018

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Sandy Jarrell

Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick

Published by: DC Comics


It was announced a few weeks ago that Bombshells United from Marguerite Bennett and her collaborators was coming to end in May, so I can only assume this will be the final story-arc, if not the penultimate arc. This go-around, the spotlight falls squarely on the shoulders of Black Canary, Bumblebee and a few members of the Batwomen.


The premise of this issue is the subversion of the pirate radio-waves that are causing certain members of the Batwomen who hear this message to go on a rampage. It is never really explained why only certain members are affected, but hopefully it will be addressed at one point. I get that this is comics, but sometimes explanations matter.


Having subdued their compatriots, the Batwomen trace the origin of the signal to Hawaii through some very simple sleuthing: the voice that entranced their friends was that of the Black Canary and her current location: Honolulu.


After the discovery, two of the Batwomen get volunteered to go and try to track down Black Canary in Hawaii while we are also introduced to another one of our Bombshell heroines for this story-arc: Bumblebee. What she will bring to the story, I’m not quite sure yet, but her introduction within the issue at least made sense, unlike the “chance” meeting between all three parties.


Jarrell and Fitzpatrick on art continue to do a marvelous job. More and more that I see Fitzpatrick’s colors, more and more I’m beginning to appreciate how good she is and how much she brings to each comic that I read of hers.

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