Mech Cadet Yu #7 Review

by Olivier Roth on March 07, 2018

Written by: Greg Pak

Illustrated by: Takeshi Miyazawa

Colored by: Triona Farrell

Published by: BOOM! Studios


It’s incredible how fast this series is becoming a favorite of mine month in and month out. After a pretty standard first four issues (the initial mini-series) that revolved around the cadets getting their mechs and fighting off the big bad and a second story-arc helping to better establish all the cadet’s personalities and motivations, this new arc seems like Pak and Miyazawa want to try something new.


And when I mean new, I mean shift the story slightly a put it into overdrive. You see, for the first six issues, they kept the story centered on the cadets and their lives. However, after the proclamation at the end of the last issue that the academy was shutting down and that all available pilots were now pressed into duty, this series is now adding more and more characters and story possibilities.


What I really enjoyed about this issue is that we are getting to see a different side of Stanford Yu: we are getting to see his burgeoning leadership skills in the face of adversity and people in power. Saying anything more would be a disservice to any potential readers. Just know, this comic is amazing and gets better and better with each new issue.


Miyazawa’s art and Farrell’s colors continue to be one of the biggest draws for this series as well. It’s hard to describe just how good this team is, so I won’t even try. All you need to do is admire the covers and preview art to know how good they are.

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