Gotham City Garage #10 Review

by Olivier Roth on February 28, 2018

Story by: Kelly Lanzing & Collin Kelly

Art by: Aneke

Colors by: Kelly Fitzpatrick

Published by: DC Comics


Gotham City Garage is racing (pun intended) towards its conclusion in two issues and that allows Lanzing and Kelly to continue setting up what can only be a grand finally. Like the previous issue, a member of the Garage is sent out to try and recruit allies for the final battle with Lex Luthor and his Garden, and this issue sees the (re)introduction of Black Canary.


Lanzing and Kelly start off the issue by giving the reader a taste of who Black Canary is in this universe and how she connects to the Garage. From these pages, we learn that she once rode with the Garage as one of its original members but that once it became clear that they could not compete with the forces of Luthor, she was sent out to try and recruit one of the most improbable of allies: Ra’s al Ghul and his League of Shadows.


Fast forward to present day where we learn that Black Canary was able to make contact with Ra’s and became one of his disciplines and potential heir to the Demon’s Head. The other? None other than Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow.


The rest of the issue sees Canary and Arrow battle it out for the title of the Demon’s Head, Harley Quinn awkwardly trying to recruit Canary during this battle, and a great sequence to end the issue.


I had never heard of Aneke before on art, but they did an admirable job. The fight sequences were fluid and the interpretation of Canary in her Gotham City Garage garb is fantastic. There are a couple of hiccups here and there with the faces throughout, but that is mostly a nitpick.

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