Vampirella #10 Review

by Olivier Roth on February 21, 2018

Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Artists: Andy Belanger, Matt Gaudio, Alex Sanchez

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Published by: Dynamite


At the conclusion of issue number, Whitley threw a massive curveball in his Vampirella story by bringing back a character that hadn’t been seen in a while in the Vampirella universe: Pantha!


That’s right, Pantha is back in the Vampirella world and from what happens in this issue, she is not happy. Whitley does the very smart thing when introducing her fully in this issue by taking the time to fully explore her background and origin story for any new readers that have not yet encountered this character before. I count myself among them. And for full disclosure, I believed this character was someone else while reading the issue, and only after a quick Google search, that I discovered I was mistaken.


Either way, it is interesting that Whitley has decided to add this new wrinkle in Vampirella’s to discover how she can return the afterlife to the people of Earth. We discover throughout the issue that this is something Pantha can give to her followers, but does not give it freely. We also discover that during Vampirella’s thousand year slumber, Pantha did not have as good a time in the real world and that has led to her present situation.


Reading ahead a little, it seems this is the penultimate issue to Whitley’s run, so I am really curious to see how he wraps everything up in the final issue. It is now two issues in a row that Whitley does a fantastic job of giving an ending to an issue to wet our appetite for the following issue, so we’ll have to see how he decides to wrap everything up in the end.

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