Robotech #7

by Olivier Roth on February 15, 2018

Plot: Brian Wood & Simon Furman

Script: Simon Furman

Art: Marco Turini

Colors: Marco Lesko

Published by: Titan Comics


As I was reading this new issue of Robotech, a realization came over me: reading Robotech truly does feel like you are reading an episode of a television show with all the interlocking storylines that may not seem to connect to one another at first, but you are sure that they will down the line. Granted, this is typical of the comic format as well, but having its origins in cartoon format, it feels appropriate to look at this series through the eyes of TV viewing.


Having said that, this issue continues the trend of doing excellent set-up for future issues while also having some substance to it. Newly appointed Captain Lisa Hayes continues unraveling the mysteries surrounding the death of Gloval, Rick and Lynn continue their clear “will they, won’t they” love scenario, this time with Lynn throwing herself a birthday bash that could rival any real-life party. Oh, and Rick gets promoted in a scene that feels a little bit like a throwaway, but sets up future events.


We also get some surprising developments on the aliens’ side of things as we discover just how far Khyron is willing to go to take down the SDF-1 and how his overlords feel about this somewhat treasonous action.


In all, Robotech continues to be a fun read month in and month out with some excellent scripting from Furman and great visuals from Turini.

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