Transformers vs Visionaries #2

by Olivier Roth on February 07, 2018

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio

Art by: Fico Ossio

Colors by: David Garcia Cruz

Published by: IDW


What happens when you have a people displaced that are forced to live on a planet that they just tried to take over and are now stuck at the mercy of the original populace. Oh, and the displaced people have now just discovered that their magics are quite harmful to the original populace. Harmful how? Complete disintegration harmful.


That is what Visaggio looks to explore in this new mini-series from IDW. At the end of the last issue, one of the long-standing members of the Transformers (I believe specifically from the comics) met his untimely end at the hands of Virulina of the Visionaries. Having discovered that she, and the rest of her kind, have this power over the Transformers has turned the tide of power in the conflict for Cybertron. Virulina, and Merklynn, I believe the former leader of the Prysmonians (their race), devise a plan to take down the barrier surrounding them and prepare an all out attack on the Cybertronians. To add to that, they have the backing of their people.


Well, not all their people. As with all cartoons from the 80s (and ever really), you have Virulina’s counterparts, the heroic Spectral Knights who see her plan for what it truly is: an act of potential genocide. Being the heroes they are, they will not stand for it and mount a counterattack.


For a second issue, the plot of the mini-series is advancing at a very good, steady pace, allowing the reader to get glimpses into the motivation of all characters involved. Virulina and her ilk have one goal: the destruction of the Cybertronians because she believes her people should be the rulers of this new planet, no matter the cost. The Spectral Knights are basically the lawful good grouping who know that this is clearly not right. And finally, the Cybertronians are looking to survive against an enemy that can decimate them with a touch.


On art, Ossio and Garcia Cruz are a pretty great team given the reader some very nice sequences. The battles between Virulina’s people and the Spectral Knights finally showcases their powers (animal specters that come from their staffs). It’s also appreciated that they make an effort to make each character distinct - an easy problem to have with a comic based on a toy/cartoon where a lot of them could sometimes be similar.

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