Legenderry Red Sonja #1

by Olivier Roth on February 07, 2018

Written by: Marc Andreyko

Art by: Igor Lima

Colors by: Adriano Augusto

Published by: Dynamite


This new series from Dyanamite is the second go-around for their “Steampunk” universe and having Red Sonja be the one to get the honors of a second volume makes a lot of sense. Having read the original mini-series’, I have to say that Red Sonja was the one character that seem to have transitioned the best into this new world and it’s fun that we get to see her continuing adventures as a sort of Pirate Queen.


The issue itself is very basic and doesn’t involve the heaviest of plot points, but that actually works for this issue. The whole issue can be summarized as: Red Sonja gambles with one of the biggest crime lords in the city, accuses and proves he is cheating, gets a bounty put on her head as she escapes and finally picks up a stowaway as she makes her escape.


It’s pretty basic, but what makes the issue so fun is how Andreyko and Lima layout the whole sequence of events. At no time do we get to rest as a reader since the creative team makes sure that Red Sonja is always on the move throughout this issue. Not only that, but they also are able to convey her utter joy at being chased, knowing that even though everything seems dire, she is going to prevail.


And you know what, sometimes that is all you need for a comic to be good: a fun plot and be visually appealing. And that is exactly what this issue provides in spades and it all leads to what will be the main driving force for the remainder of this story-arc: the stowaway.

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