Rom Micronauts #2

by Olivier Roth on January 25, 2018

Writer: Christos Gage

Artist: Paolo Villanelli

Colorist: Alessandra Alexakis

Published by: IDW


At the end of the last issue, spoiler, we saw Rom get “Enerchanged” by Baron Karza and everyone in the fight thought he had perished, with the exception of the Micronauts. They knew, that “Enerchanged” simply means that Rom was changed and sent to the Mircroverse, their home.


The issue starts and ends with Rom basically fighting for his life against the minions of the Dire Wraiths with the help of the Micronauts. What happens in between this bookend is the more interesting, and dare I say it, funner part of the issue.


Since I started reading the IDW universe, specifically the Rom and Micronauts comics, there has been a plethora of fighting and a lot less character development. Here, in this issue, we get a pleasant mix of both. The character development comes in the form of Rom and Acroyear bonding over their eerily similar fates: both were warriors that bonded to armor and who can no longer have the same life they used to. This proves to be a nice change of pace for the series, especially in miniseries where you know the action if forthcoming.


Vilanelli continues to provide some very expressive art throughout the issue. I’m enjoying the fluidity that he provides to the characters and the battles, and they are often enhanced by the colors of Alexakis. Sometimes the shading can be a little much, but that is but a small complaint.

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